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The Best Robotic Blowjob Machines of 2018

From the bow and arrow to transistors, the Internet, and Hot Pockets – human history is full of brilliant moments of scientific insight, ground-breaking discoveries, and technological innovation. The 21st century is no exception. In fact, it may be the best time ever to be alive if you’re looking for a robotic blowjob machine.

These sex toys are capable of tingling, tickling, stroking and deepthroating your shaft like no other male sex toy has been able to do before. They’re easy to use, never get tired or break down and can help you achieve multiple orgasms every single session. If you’re ready to give a robotic blowjob a try, here are some of the best models on the market this year.

The best robotic blowjob sex toy is a hard call, but my top pick this year is the Sue Johanson. It’s unbelievably cheap for how high performing it is, and has a beautiful design that feels premium. It’s also a great choice for guys who are just starting out with this type of masturbation toy and want to see how it goes before investing in a more expensive model.

Another amazing choice is the TENGA F1s Red. This male pleasure toy comes with a developer’s kit, which makes it possible to regulate the settings, speeds and intensity levels for an endless amount of fun. Its dual-motor design combines sonic and traditional vibration for intense pleasure that can’t be replicated by a regular massager. It’s also completely waterproof and has a unique cruise control mode for seamless and uninterrupted strokes.

For more advanced users, I recommend the LELO F1 SDK. This toy has all the bells and whistles you could ask for in a robotic cock machine, including a dedicated app for customization and updates. It has a hyper-realistic masturbation sleeve that features subtly bent grooves to mimic anatomical sensations. It has 10 high-tech motion sensors for an unparalleled level of erotic sensation. It’s even possible to sync the toy with a database of porn clips to maximize your pleasure experience.

While all these sex toys are incredible, you should remember that no matter how realistic a robotic masturbator is, nothing will beat the pleasure of real partnered sex. However, sex toys can be an excellent way to add variety and excitement to your masturbation sessions. So if you’re looking for the ultimate sex toys for guys, check out our list of some of the best ones on the market today.

If you’re interested in trying a robot toy for the first time, we recommend starting with a simple model. The Kiiroo Onyx+ is a perfect example of this. It doesn’t have all the interactive features of the Keon, but if you’re just looking for a quality automatic masturbator that feels incredibly lifelike, this model is definitely worth considering.

As technology continues to advance on the path towards a robot apocalypse, it only makes sense that men’s sex toys would become more sophisticated. This autoblow AI is designed to feel exactly like a real blowjob, with tight silicone lips gently caressing your penis or aggressively deepthroating it – you decide. It’s super easy to use, just plug it in and lube up, then choose from one of its 10 different stroke patterns and 10 speeds.