Sex Toy Review – M Elite Blush Platinum Silicone Wrapt Stroker and Vibrating Masturbator

robotic blowjob machine

A Robotic Blowjob Machine Will Give You Oral Sex Like a Human

Whether you’re looking for an automatic blowjob machine or a masturbator that’s the next best thing to a real human being giving you oral sex, there are plenty of options. These hands-free sex toys are not just pieces of silicone; they’re engineered and built with incredible attention to detail. From soft teeth and tongues to special massage features, these male sex toys cost millions of dollars to design, and the result is an experience that’s almost as realistic as a real human dick.

These robots don’t just suck, they also tease, rub, stroke and even vibrate your penis with their patent-pending gripper and sleeve. The special skin-like material feels just like a peach, while the non-stop pulsing and suction action will leave your penis feeling smooth and silky. Some models even heat up to mimic the feel of a warm tongue or lips.

The sleeve itself is made from body-safe silicone that’s soft and stretchy, and it’s lined with plush, slick rubber for extra stimulation. The large 9” sleeve swallows your entire penis for an intense oral suction experience, while the smaller 3” sleeve is perfect for teasing your tip or nipples during foreplay. You can adjust the suction strength and even sync the strokes to your music.

This toy comes with ten built-in experiences that simulate various types of blowjobs, and it can connect to the internet so you can download more. It’s even waterproof, so you can use it in the shower or bath. Its creator, Brian Sloan, studied porn videos using artificial intelligence technology to replicate the movements of a real-life blowjob into this machine. His goal is to create a future where oral sex performed by a human is indistinguishable from an experience generated by his Autoblow machines.

A slick, smooth, wet feeling is essential with any robotic stroker, so you’ll need to stock up on lube. If you’re going to be stroking your cock all day, you might want to invest in a special silicone-based lubricant that’s non-toxic and body-safe. You’ll also want to keep your sex toy away from other sex toys, as they can cause friction and irritation.

If you want to take your sex toy on the go, many models include a small pouch in the box for convenient storage. You can also buy a separate case for more convenient portability. And don’t forget to store your robotic strokers somewhere safe and clean — just make sure you have a plastic or paper bag nearby in case the machine gets ripped or wet. Unlike other hands-free sex toys, these machines need to be charged to power their motors and other internal components. Thankfully, they don’t take long to charge, so you can spend more time having fun with your new favorite male sex toy.