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Best Masturbator Robotic Blowjob Machine

The 21st century is a kick-ass time to be alive, and it’s especially great if you have a penis – as there are copious new makes, models, and flavors of the ultimate robotic blowjob machine. The most important thing to know about these sex toys is that they all work to replicate oral sex simulations. And as such, they are all very satisfying and effective.

But there are a lot of different ways that these sex toys can be made to work, and many of them are quite unique. Some of the best are engineered to look, feel, and work like the orifices in your mouth – this is known as “ergonomics”. Others mimic throat contractions, lip pressure, and the other muscular delights of orgasm. And there are a few that even let you control them with your voice!

Here are some of our favorites in this category – The Sue Johanson, the Mastomatic 2, and the TENGA. All are extremely high performing, despite their unbelievably low prices. The TENGA is the only one of these to come with a dildo attachment, but it’s still a powerful and fun little sex toy.

If you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated, try out the Hummer 2.0. It’s a powerful, hands-free male stroker with 10 automatic suction and vibration modes. The 4-min automatic suction strokes are unpredictable and highly pleasurable, and they’re accompanied by a variety of textured sleeve vibration modes to really get you going.

Another sexy option for the man who loves a realistic masturbator is the Kiiroo Onyx+. It has the same interactive features as Keon but with a more simple design and lower price point. It also has a longer battery life and an automatic, user-programmable freestyle mode that lets you download your favorite movements and then sync them with your VR or 2D porn.

For the guy who just wants a basic masturbator that can deliver a super tight, long-lasting blowjob sensation, check out the Lovense Max 2. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the more sophisticated models but it delivers a solid experience.

The last one on our list is a pretty unique take on oral robots: the Arcwave Ion. This sex toy is powered by ultrasonic waves instead of motors, and it produces a sound that’s almost like an exotic race car engine. You can connect it to any Fleshlight toy with the included nozzle and enjoy non-stop pulsing, suction, and vibration. It’s easy to use – just plug it in, lube up, and think of your favorite porn star giving you expert head with hand – then enjoy the feeling. It also works well in the shower, but it’s not a waterproof masturbator so you don’t want to use it in the bath. That’s why it gets a lower rating than some of the other sex toys on our list.