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Does Semen Variation Indicate Penis Problems?

Taking actions to avoid penis troubles assists guarantee more regular penis health and wellness in a male. Sometimes variations in semen production may make a man question that health.

New Year’s Resolution: No Jock Itch

With the brand-new year underway, it’s great to prepare on a resolution or two – as well as one that targets penis wellness is rather welcome. A suggestion – vow to keep jock itch away.

Unwanted Pop-Ups: Disguising an Erect Penis

At the correct time, an erect penis is a guy’s friend. Yet unwanted “pop-ups” in social or expert scenarios can be unpleasant and also uneasy for lots of a male.

Urethritis Can Make a Sore Penis

When a guy has a sore penis, it can obtain in the means of several of his favored tasks – yet can also just make him usually uneasy. Urethritis is one potential cause.

Itchy Penis: What’s Happening Under Your Boxers

Itching of the genital location can be a really unpleasant condition for guys. It is unpleasant and also usually occurs at one of the most inconvenient times. There are a selection of aspects that can trigger a scratchy penis, so be certain to deal with your penis wellness as ideal you can.

Erectile Dysfunction 101: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

It’s the sex-related circumstance no guy actually wishes to speak about; it’s erectile dysfunction. Despite all the commercials on TV, there’s a whole lot men don’t learn about ED. Let’s treat that now.

Masturbation and Prostate Health: Could This Be the Link to Fighting Prostate Cancer?

There are lots of methods to prevent prostate cancer – consume healthy and balanced, exercise, as well as minimize tension. However, suppose self pleasure and prostate wellness were linked? Keep reading to discover if more masturbation leading to ejaculation could reduce a man’s risk of prostate cancer cells.

Penis Health: Keys to a Happier, Healthier Manhood

Penis health is very important for a man’s general health and wellness, because it connects to many various features. In fact, the state of the penis can be a barometer of a guy’s degree of individual health. To maintain the organ fit, comply with these ideas.

Male Genital Odor: Where Is That Smell Coming From?

Awkward smells rising from your nether-regions can be a mood-killer. Although it prevails to have a typical male fragrance, fashionable smells that are overpowering are never ever regular as well as absolutely not fun for anybody. Continue reading to figure out a few usual sources of male genital smell and also just how to remove the stink.

Penis Function and Gout Can Be Linked

Generally, males intend to take steps to stop problems which can negatively influence penis feature. Often feature issues develop because of uncommon reasons, such as gout arthritis.

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